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How did you prevent yourself from exploding in a situation of extreme anger?

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In daily life, when encountering situations of extreme anger, we need to learn methods to control our emotions and avoid making inappropriate words and actions that may harm ourselves. Specifically, the effective ways to control one's emotions at this time include fully considering the serious consequences of emotions to restrain one's anger, changing one's environment to face problems with a different mindset, and fully considering one's own interests to control one's emotions with reason.


1. Extreme anger should fully consider the serious consequences of emotional actions to restrain one's anger. When a person becomes emotionally aroused due to extreme anger, they often make impulsive words and actions, which can cause serious harm to their own interests. When you are in extreme anger, you should fully consider this and use it to control your anger and restore calmness.

2. Extreme anger transforms one's environment and puts them in a different mood to face problems and difficulties. When a person is in a specific environment, it may lead to changes in their mindset, leaving them in an emotionally unstable state. At this point, you can leave there, transform your environment, and face problems and difficulties with a different mindset, effectively controlling your angry emotions and avoiding damage due to improper words and actions.

3. Extreme anger, fully considering one's own interests, and using reason to control one's emotions. Each of us has our own interests, which are the foundation for our survival and development. When one becomes emotional due to anger, the first thing to be harmed is one's own interests. When one feels extremely angry, they should fully consider their own interests and use rational methods to control their emotions, thereby effectively safeguarding their own interests and achieving stable development.

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