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Why are instant noodles mostly round?

I don't know if my friends who like to eat instant noodles have found that our domestic instant noodles have been continuously improved. The original way of making pancakes by frying is now replaced by the way of air drying, which can maximize the nutrition of noodles and reduce the intake of oil. In addition to ordinary dehydrated eggs, there are also dehydrated shrimps, dehydrated clams and dehydrated pork. And the shape of dough cakes has also changed.

Instant noodles

Instant noodles

In the past, most of the instant noodles we saw were square. This is because square noodles are easy to shape. When the processing technology of instant noodles was not so developed, square instant noodles could save costs. The most important thing is that in the past, instant noodles were used as convenient food, not a staple food. People took instant noodles with them and took them outdoors. When they were hungry, they took out instant noodles to eat. The lunch boxes containing instant noodles are generally square, and square cakes can be put directly.

So why do the instant noodles become round? This is because the bowls we use now are generally round. The process of making instant noodles is advanced. Considering that instant noodles have entered thousands of households and many kinds of eating methods have been invented, it is imperative to change the shape of dough cakes. It is convenient for us to put it into the bowl at home. In addition, the round cake is more suitable for the round packaging barrel. If it is a square packaging barrel, because it has four connecting surfaces, it requires high technology and weak pressure capacity.

In addition, the square cake has four corners, which are easy to be damaged by collision during transportation and become broken flour residue. Think about it carefully. Are there many pieces of instant noodles that we bought before? When boiling noodles, turn the bag upside down and pour out the flour dregs inside. And now the round cake, it is a good solution to this problem, now open the bubble noodle bag, there is no flour residue.

Round pastry

As a matter of fact, there are many parents who do not allow their children to eat instant noodles. They think that instant noodles are very nutritious food. This is really wrong about instant noodles. However, from the perspective of instant noodles, there is no harm, but protein and cellulose are better. If you only eat instant noodles and don't eat other foods, it's easy to suffer from malnutrition. And the seasoning bag in the instant noodles contains more salt, which may exceed the standard if you eat it regularly. The best time to eat instant noodles, material bag put half, do not drink soup can.

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