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How to choose strawberries?

How to choose strawberries?

Shape and hardness are the best methods to distinguish strawberry freshness. The fresh strawberries have bright and glossy surface; the frozen strawberries look foggy, like a layer of wax, and the leaves will wither; the overmature strawberries will feel rotten when held in the hand.

1. Look at the shape. Don't buy strawberries that are too big or too watery; don't buy freaky strawberries. Some strawberries are fresh and big, and there are deformities and bulges on the grains, and there are hollows in the middle after biting open. This kind of malformed berry is often caused by the abuse of hormone in the process of planting, and long-term consumption of large amount may damage human health. Especially pregnant women and children, can not eat malformed berries. The appearance of normal growing strawberry is heart-shaped.

2. Look at the color. When selecting, we should try our best to choose the whole fruit which is bright red and even, bright and glossy. It is not suitable to buy the fruits that are not all red or half red and half green. The "white sesame" on the surface of strawberry should be golden yellow. If the "sesame seed" you see is also red, it may be dyed. When buying strawberries, you can gently wipe the surface of strawberries with your hands or paper. If you have a lot of red on your hands or paper, be careful. What's more, when the strawberries are washed with water, the water turns light red.

3. Look at the surface. A good strawberry is a kind of strawberry with fresh green pedicel, fine fluff, bright surface and no damage and decay. Those with white or gray spots on the surface may be sick strawberries.

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