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Why can't you shit out as soon as you go out?

DailyBird Life 2023-10-07 1 0

On weekdays, if there is nothing to do to relieve bowel movements, it is generally normal to do so in the morning. But I'm afraid there might be some unexpected matters. The night before, I knew that I needed to arrange my itinerary early tomorrow and go out to do urgent things. That must be the phenomenon of not being able to defecate the next day.


Not only do you feel unable to urinate, but you also want to urinate before going out, otherwise you will always feel like urinating and not urinating completely. And I can't have things to do in advance, especially big things. If there are things that I have to go out in the morning the next day, I will put them in my mind and put them in my mind at night. My nerves will become tense and excited, and my sleep will be unstable.

In fact, when such a situation arises, I also know where the root cause of the problem comes from. It is because of my personality, and I cannot let things go in my heart. If you have something, you will take it to your heart. This will inevitably make the mood tense and excited, resulting in mental excitement and tension. The consciousness of defecation in humans relies on the rhythmic peristalsis of the intestine, which is controlled by nerves. If you can't sleep well all night, it can affect the normal mediation function of the nerves, causing the nerves to not allow the intestinal tract to move rhythmically during bowel movements, resulting in bowel movements. Not being able to defecate can make your mood even worse, and the result is naturally not being able to defecate.

I know the root cause of the problem and if I want to solve it, I know that I have to go out the next morning, so I don't have to worry about things. I'll wait until tomorrow to discuss tomorrow's things. I try to control my emotions and rest well to ensure the quality of sleep at night. Generally, it's much better to relieve bowel movements in the morning.

If you are really in a hurry to go out and can't relieve your bowel movements every once in a while, don't complain. After you finish handling the matter and solve it, your mood will also relax, and naturally it won't affect your sleep and rest in the future. By eliminating the possible unfavorable factors that may affect bowel movements, it won't be difficult to relieve them again.

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