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  • Can baby eat oranges?

    Can baby eat oranges?Baby can eat orange.Orange tastes sweet, sour and cool.It has the effects of generating saliva and quenching thirst, appetizing and reducing qi.Orange or orange juice after meals can relieve greasy, reduce food accumulation and quench thir...

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  • The practice of orange shrimp salad

    The practice of orange shrimp saladThe calcium content of shrimp is the highest among various animal and plant foods, and it is especially suitable for the elderly and children to eat.material:6 shrimps, half a cucumber, 1 orange, half a red pepper, vermicelli...

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  • Precautions for eating oranges

    Precautions for eating oranges1. Do not drink milk within 1 hour after eating oranges, because the protein in milk will coagulate when encountering fruit acid, which will affect digestion and attraction.2. Oranges are delicious but don't overeat them. Afte...

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