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Can baby eat oranges?

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Can baby eat oranges?

Can baby eat oranges?

Baby can eat orange.Orange tastes sweet, sour and cool.It has the effects of generating saliva and quenching thirst, appetizing and reducing qi.Orange or orange juice after meals can relieve greasy, reduce food accumulation and quench thirst.Orange is rich in nutrients and comprehensive, rich in vitamins C and P, which can increase the body resistance of the baby, increase the elasticity of capillaries, and reduce blood cholesterol.

And this vitamin has a great relationship with children's intelligence.The lack of vitamin C in the diet can hinder the function of nerve tubules to transport nutrients to the brain, thus making the brain unable to get nutrients in time.Orange is very helpful for your baby's intellectual development.

In addition, orange contains cellulose and pectin substances, which can promote the peristalsis of the baby's intestinal tract, is conducive to intestinal clearance and defecation, and exclude harmful substances in the body.Orange peel is sweet, bitter and warm in nature. It has better effect in relieving cough and expectoration than orange peel. It is a good medicine for treating cold, cough, loss of appetite, chest and abdominal distension and pain.But don't eat too much at one time, try not to eat more than one orange a day.

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