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The benefits of eating pyronin

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The benefits of eating pyronin

1. Anthocyanins were present at higher levels in pyrone fruits. Anthocyanins are well-established antioxidants with demonstrated utility as antioxidants, free radicals, anti-aging agents, and they also have the effects of inhibiting brain cell degeneration and preventing dementia.

2. The pyrone fruit is rich in less plant albumin than the general fruit, and this active albumin automatically binds to heavy metal ions in the human body to be excreted through the excretion system, thereby functioning as a detoxification agent. In addition, albumin has a protective effect on the gastric wall.

3. Pyrone is rich in vitamin C, can eliminate oxygen free radicals, and has the effect of whitening skin.

4. Pyronin is a low-energy, high fiber fruit that is highly abundant in water-soluble dietary fiber, and as a result has many benefits such as weight loss, cholesterol lowering, emollient, and prevention of colorectal cancer.

5. The amount of ferric elements is higher in the pyrone than in the general fruit. Iron elements are indispensable for the manufacture of hemoglobin and other iron containing substances and play an important role in human health.

6. The sesamoid seeds in pyrone fruit have the function of promoting gastrointestinal digestion.

7. Juice from the fruits and stems of pyrone fruit has shown positive effects on conditions such as tumor growth, viral infection, and immune response suppression.

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