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How does sleep bite tongue return a responsibility

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Some people always bite their tongue when they sleep. They often bite the tongue in their sleep. When they wake up or wake up, their tongue becomes numb. What's going on? Let's learn about it. What's going on.

When the body has kidney and spleen deficiency, due to lack of Yang Qi, can not warm blood vessels, resulting in blood stasis is not smooth, will be manifested as tongue swelling. When the tongue is large, it is easy to be squeezed or bitten by the teeth. So the tongue may be swollen and empty. In addition, people in the process of sleep, the mouth and the body are in a very relaxed state, if there is a sudden stimulation will trigger the masseter muscles and other muscles, unconscious sudden sharp contraction will bite the tongue. It may also be functional disorder of masseter or tongue muscle, facial paralysis, epilepsy, etc. if there are no other accompanying symptoms, it is more common to see the dysfunction of masseter or tongue muscle, which is caused by severe cold or mental tension.

How does sleep bite tongue return a responsibility

There's also the tooth factor. When the teeth in the oral cavity occlusal deformity is uneven, such as the upper dental arch is too small, bite is closer to the tongue, it is easier to bite the tongue, especially when eating. So biting your tongue during sleep may also be caused by occlusal factors. Some people's teeth do not grow well, for example, the teeth are sharp and sharp, or the tongue is relatively large, resulting in the distance between the teeth and the tongue is relatively close, so it is easy to bite the tongue when sleeping or eating.

Lack of trace elements can also lead to sleep at night biting the tongue. For some people, because the content of trace elements in daily diet is not much, it will lead to a lack of condition. At this time, you can take some glucose orally and eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins. At work, must drink more water, do not eat too much chicken powder and monosodium glutamate. At the same time, we must learn to quit smoking and drinking, and don't eat too much stimulating food. In addition, mental stress can cause tongue biting during sleep. In general, the tension of the closed muscle will increase in the nervous person. And the more anxious people in the heart, in their sleep at night, will generally bite their tongue to relieve the inner pressure.

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