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Don't underestimate loose teeth, timely treatment is really important

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Don't underestimate loose teeth, timely treatment is really important

In our daily lives, more and more people reflect oral diseases. The disease of loose teeth has gradually become a major concern for many people. The phenomenon of loose teeth is not only a problem that only the elderly have, but also a large part of the new generation of young people. Today we will talk about the causes of loose teeth and how we can prevent the problem of loose teeth.

There are many factors that cause loose teeth

1. Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is an important cause of tooth loosening. Periodontal disease is actually the inflammation of the roots of the teeth, which can cause red and swollen gums or receding gums, and prolonged stimulation can cause teeth to loosen.

However, periodontitis is mostly caused by not strictly demanding oral care, or always eating some spicy and irritating food, which the body cannot bear, causing the body to respond to the stimulus and induce it on the gums.

2. Tooth loosening caused by external force bumps

This is easier to understand. Simply put, it means that the teeth were hit too badly, causing the teeth to become unstable and loose. Some of this looseness can be restored by itself, and some are irreversible damage.

3. Bad habits

Grinding or clenching teeth at night can cause teeth to loosen in the long run. A series of oral diseases caused by long-term failure to clean the oral cavity and non-brushing, and loose teeth caused by oral diseases

How can I effectively avoid tooth loosening?

1. Develop good living and hygiene habits. Brush your teeth on time to clean your teeth. Rinse your mouth promptly after meals and remove food debris from teeth to enhance oral hygiene.

2. Go to the dental hospital for regular checkups, and treat them in time if you find loose teeth.

3. Avoid eating hard foods. Eat less spicy and irritating food within the range that the body can bear.

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