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The benefits of durian, this fruit can not be expected to enhance immunity

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Durian is a common fruit, because of its rich nutrients, most people like it very much. Eating durian often can bring many benefits to the body, it can enhance immunity and also treat hypertension. Durian has many ways to eat. People will make dessert with it, and can also be made into dish style. What is the taboo to eat durian? Here is a detailed introduction.

The benefits of durian

The benefits of Durian

1. Nourishing the body

Often eating durian can supplement the nutrition needed for the body, mainly because the material in durian is rich, often eating this food can strengthen the body and strengthen the body, but also can help the spleen and Qi, replenish the kidney and strengthen Yang, so durian is a fruit with nourishing effect. Durian is often used as a supplement for patients and postpartum women in some areas.

Eating durian often can supplement the body with the nutrients needed

2. Invigorating blood and dispersing cold

Durian is hot, often eat can play the role of promoting blood and dispersing cold, especially for alleviating the menstrual pain symptoms of women has a very good effect, durian is more suitable for women suffering from dysmenorrhea. Durian can improve the cold abdomen and promote the rise of temperature. It can be said to be an ideal tonic for cold people.

3. Constipation treated by Tongbian

Many people should not know that durian can help people prevent constipation, mainly in durian contains rich dietary fiber, this material can promote intestinal peristalsis, treatment constipation. But a little attention, eat durian to treat constipation can need to drink more water, otherwise durian fiber can not absorb water, suction of water in the gut, will aggravate constipation.

4. Enhance immunity

Durian fruit has a wide range of amino acids and rich contents. Besides tryptophan, it also contains 7 essential amino acids in human body, of which glutamate content is particularly high. Animal experiments further proved that glutamate is an important precursor of nucleic acid, nucleotide, amino sugar and protein. Participating in its synthesis and metabolism can improve the immune function of the body, regulate the acid-base balance in the body and improve the adaptability of the body to stress. Durian fruit has strong and beneficial effect on human body. Besides rich beneficial elements zinc, it should also play a synergistic role with its aroma and other nutrients.

The amino acids in durian fruit are complete

5. Prevention and treatment of hypertension

Durian fruit contains rich vitamin content, among which vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C are higher. Many scientific researches have proved that vitamin A is a necessary and important micronutrient in our body, and has the physiological functions of maintaining normal growth, reproduction, vision and anti infection. Durian fruit also contains many elements such as the mineral essential to our body. Among them, the content of potassium and calcium in durian fruit is also very high. Potassium metabolism with protein, carbohydrate and energy and material transport are very helpful to prevent diseases and treat hypertension.

The eating method of Durian

1、 Stewed chicken with durian

Raw materials: Durian, 1 chicken (about 600 g), ginger slices 10 g, walnut kernel 50g, red date 50g, water about 1500 g, salt a little

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