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Can orange zest be eaten?

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Can orange zest be eaten?

The sweet and sour orange flesh is edible, but can the orange peel with the same fragrance be edible?


The peel of the orange that has just been peeled does taste a bit bitter, but it is delicious after processing.

1. Cooking porridge: When cooking white rice porridge, you can add a small amount of orange zest to it, and the light white porridge will become fragrant and rich.

2. Stew soup: The orange peel itself is fragrant. Add a little when stewing the soup, which can not only increase the freshness and taste, but also reduce the oiliness.

3. Soaking wine: Put the washed orange peel into white wine, soak it for about 20 days before drinking. The taste is sweet and mellow, and has the effect of clearing the lungs and resolving phlegm.

4. Filling: Cut fresh orange zest into small cubes, add sugar and honey to marinate for two weeks. After taking it out, it is the sweet and delicious sugar filling. After processing, it tastes unique.

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