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What food is good for pneumonia

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What food is good for pneumonia:Foods rich in copper and iron

Patients with pneumonia should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits while being treated, as well as moderate amounts of foods containing copper and iron, which are good for health and can also avoid the symptoms of myocardial hypoxia. . You can also eat some soy products, or animal liver, to supplement some protein, which also has certain benefits for the recovery of the body.

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 loquat, citrus, pear, cucumber

If you have pneumonia, you should eat more fruits for recuperation, which can clear away heat, detoxify and relieve cough. Loquat, citrus, pear, cucumber and other foods contain more lung-clearing ingredients, which can effectively relieve symptoms of physical discomfort. To the effect of heat-clearing and phlegm. Patients with pneumonia can eat some fish appropriately.

Nut, bone soup

Patients with pneumonia usually eat more black sesame seeds or bone soup, which is better for the body. If pneumonia occurs, you should pay attention to reasonable physical health and diet arrangements, and add more calories and protein ingredients. Foods such as walnuts, peanuts, and lilies are good The treatment of pneumonia has a certain auxiliary effect.


   In addition to beautifying and moisturizing the intestines, honey also has a certain relief effect on coughs, so patients with pneumonia can add some honey every day. The way to eat is very simple. Drink a cup of warm water every morning and add a spoonful of honey to it.

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