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Be careful to prevent the "first disease" after autumn with 6 points

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After entering the autumn, the hot and humid weather gradually becomes dry, and the wind-dry cold enters a period of high incidence. According to the Life Channel of China Economic Net, the main symptoms of Fengzao cold are headache, swollen throat, and nasal congestion. There is also a more obvious symptom-"dry", dry throat, tight throat, even coughs are dry coughs, no sputum . After entering autumn, how should we prevent the "first disease" after autumn? Below, the life channel of China Economic Net will take you to understand.

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More hydration

No matter when you drink water, don’t drink water like a calf. Drink a lot in one breath. The long and slender continuous replenishment can better meet the needs of the body. You can replenish water every 1-2 hours, and drink water every time. Maintain between 200-300ml, and use warm water at 30-40 degrees Celsius. People who have a cold or fever should take in more fluids than usual.

Guarantee sleep

Sleep is also very helpful in treating colds, so you must ensure 8 hours of sleep. It is necessary to arrange work and rest time reasonably to ensure adequate sleep and rest, but it is not advisable to rest for too long at noon, otherwise it will deepen the inhibition of the central nervous system of the brain, slow down the body's metabolism, and become more tired after waking up.

Eat almonds every day

Almonds have three major functions: moisturizing the lungs, clearing food, and dispersing stagnation. The first is the lung moisturizing function. Eating about 10 grams of almonds a day can help prevent wind-zao and colds to a certain extent. Sweet almonds are good for relieving dryness and nourishing the lungs, which can be eaten as a snack with meals, or you can grind 10 grams of almonds into powder and add some rock sugar to drink. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that rock sugar has the effects of moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough, clearing phlegm, and removing fire.

Wash your hands frequently

Studies have shown that the touch of the hand is most susceptible to virus infection. Of the droplets of cold patients, only 8% have cold virus, and most of the virus infection still passes through the hands. If a healthy person touches a place that the patient has touched, and then touches his nose and eyes, he will catch a cold. For this reason, an effective way to prevent colds is to wash your hands frequently and try to touch your eyes and nose with your hands as little as possible.

Avoid passive smoking

In autumn, there is a big temperature difference between morning and evening, and the air is dry. Cold air and dry air are sucked into the respiratory tract, which stimulates the mucosa of the respiratory tract, causing mucosal vasoconstriction and ischemia, and pathogens can easily invade the respiratory tract and cause disease. Therefore, pay attention to maintaining air circulation and avoid passive smoking.

Eat more fresh food

Don't eat leftovers and leftovers overnight. Pay attention to the shelf life of the food. The refrigerator is not a "safe", and it may also parasite bacteria and other microorganisms; avoid overeating. Many raw foods may also carry pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, eating seafood that has not been thoroughly cooked, such as shrimp, crabs, oysters, etc., or eating unwashed vegetables and fruits, can easily cause gastrointestinal diseases.

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