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How do you know if boys are violent?

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Teach you a trick.

Chat with him, talk about domestic violence when chatting, and ask him, do you know domestic violence?

Answer, I will not be domestic violence.

Answer, people with domestic violence are not normal, and I can't do this.

Answer, I will not be domestic violence, you see I treat you well.

This kind of problem does not touch the side of not being good to you. What kind of experience will make him feel that not being domestic violence is good to you?

Answer, see if you will mess with me.

The farther you run with this kind of answer, the better.

Answer, I will not touch my bottom line.

Run, he decided on the bottom line. Some bottom lines are green hats, and some bottom lines are hair on the ground.

Girl, see for yourself which kind he is.

Take a closer look, your girlfriend's blind date belongs to a werewolf who exploded.

If your boyfriend has the following behaviors, it implies that he may be prone to domestic violence after marriage. Domestic violence is the same as derailment, there are only 0 and countless times. I hereby advise all sisters, for your own safety, you can have a snack, and you must stay away from domestic violence men!

1. The 4 most common manifestations of
domestic violence men 2. How to quickly identify domestic violence men
3. The words at the end

1. The 4 most common manifestations of domestic violence men


For boys with "extreme machismo", how far can they hide.

"Extreme machismo" refers to strong jealousy, a frenzied desire for control , and serious doubts about the loyalty of a partner.

Violence doesn't start when one person gets stuck in another's neck, it starts when one says: I love you, you belong to me. --Austria

Two years ago, the incident of "Bao Li, a girl from Peking University who committed suicide after being mentally controlled by her boyfriend" shocked the entire Internet. In one case, her boyfriend Mu Linhan learned that Bao Li had been to her second boyfriend’s dormitory, and he frantically suspected, insulted and abused her. ,

If you have this tendency in your life, you have to keep your eyes open. Don't believe in the nonsense of "I care about you too much." Maybe it is just trying to control you mentally.

He will behave like a "general boss", do things on his own, always feel that he is the righteous party, saying everything is right, you are against it is your fault, it is impossible to listen to and adopt your opinion, and throw it away if you don't agree with him. Show your face.


Personality belongs to the strong inferiority complex, sensitive heart, you must be cautious and then cautious.

The inducement behind domestic violence may also be the denial and disapproval of oneself. Such boys are often narcissistic, arrogant and extremely inferior, and are very sensitive in their hearts.

The most typical chestnut is Jiang Jinfu, the "domestic violent demon". He prevented his girlfriend Julieta from socializing, and deliberately smashed her mobile phone, smashed her computer, cut off her bank card, and forced her to spend all the money in order to make her girlfriend. The pregnancy squeezed her neck, punched her in the stomach and even threatened to kill her.

Complaint by foreign girlfriend

Because of the low self-esteem in his bones, he cannot accept his true self, and your unintentional words may evoke his inner pain, thinking that you are denying him and despising him.

Many times he has a very low sense of security, and he does not believe that you really love him at all. The psychology is actually pathological: he feels that he feels safe in your heart with violence: you give in to my fist and you will never leave Don't drive me anymore.


If you find frequent verbal violence, sisters run away!

In fact, the development of domestic violence also has rules to follow. The first manifestation is often mental violence in language, and then it develops to physical violence.

The following summarizes several common manifestations of language violence for your reference:

1. Often
ridicule you, deny you, question you 2. There is something in the words, often talk about yin and yang
3. Love suspicion, often use the greatest malice to predict you
4. Positive verbal abuse, often slurs you
5. Love to use swear words or suddenly raise your voice To emphasize one's own point of view


There are serious patriarchal thoughts, and boys who hate women should definitely cut them off.

Although it is now a modern society, some boys still have the old idea of materializing women in their hearts, and they have serious patriarchal thoughts.

"Wow, that necklace is really good-looking, I just don't know when I can buy it."
"You only know to buy it, but you are women after all. As long as you want to get the money, you don't know how fast it will be.

"It's not her gold master, I don't know how many times have been sneaked secretly"

For example, Mou Linhan has repeatedly expressed his hope that girls are virgins, and belittled his girlfriend Bao Li as "unclean second-hand goods." This is not a simple virgin complex, but has risen to a personality insult.

This kind of person can't even show the minimum respect for women. Can you expect him to treat you like a baby every day?

2. How to quickly identify domestic violence men

Domestic violence has an incubation period. When you are in love, you will be cared for. There are also many prototypes of violence after marriage .

Domestic violence men's blows are often devastating, even if they leave, they will leave an eternal shadow in their hearts.

So in addition to observing his character and speech behavior, how can we detect whether our boyfriend is prone to domestic violence before marriage?

Here are 5 small tips:

1. Recall your attitude towards him

Are you careful every time you chat with him, deliberately avoiding certain topics or things, for fear of saying the wrong thing to touch his minefield?

Do you feel scared when you think of him angry? Even afraid to see the message he sent you when he was angry, or dare not to face him face-to-face?

2. Observe his attitude towards the weak

Pay attention to his attitude towards children, the elderly, service personnel, and small animals .

For example, will you lose your temper and yell at the waiter if the serving is slow?
Will you yell when someone jumps in the line?
Will you politely thank the boss and bid farewell before leaving the private movie?
Is it the kind of people who are afraid of authority, bullying and fearing hard work?

3. Look for opportunities to chat with his friends

Some boys may deliberately hide their nature before marriage. It is difficult for you to judge whether he is prone to domestic violence by his behavior, words and deeds.

At this time, we can look for opportunities to communicate with people around him, such as friends, colleagues, classmates, etc., to inquire about the image of boyfriend in their hearts from the side?

For example, will he get angry for no reason when he gets along, and his attitude when he disagrees.

4. Find time to travel with him for 7 days

It is said that "travel is the only criterion for testing true love. Lovers should travel at least once before marriage" , because travel is a tiring and troublesome thing, and all human nature will be revealed.

You will inevitably encounter many problems during the trip. You can carefully observe how he handles them. Will you try to restrain your emotions and seek solutions, or shirk your responsibility and blame you for not being prepared?

5. Pay attention to whether he has bad habits

To some extent, it can be said that people with bad habits are people with low self-control.

People who suffer from domestic violence often have bad habits such as addiction to games, smoking and alcoholism, prostitution and gambling. These habits not only fail to effectively eliminate negative emotions, but will become empty and more annoying afterwards.

I believe that after these observations, your psychology will probably come to a conclusion.

Here I advise girls: If you find that your boyfriend is prone to domestic violence, please remember: There is no other way except to break up.

Just like derailment, the incentives behind this violence are far more complicated than you think. You can hardly expect him to have no next time. Even if it is temporarily healed, who can guarantee that the old things will not recur in the future ?

A smart woman knows how to stop loss in time. It is the right way to find that breaking up early is the right way. She would rather laugh and cry than cry and say regret.

Seeing this, it means that you are also a patient person. This answer took me 6 hours. If you think what I wrote is pretty good, please take a second to give me a thumbs up, thank you~

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