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The mature Taurus woman is too powerful

DailyBird Culture 2023-02-21 3 0

The mature Taurus woman is too powerful

The mature Taurus woman is too powerful

Maybe the Taurus women in childhood haven't thought about many things clearly, so when they face some things, they will make others feel puzzled about them. But in fact, the Taurus women's character is relatively gentle and indifferent, and they don't like to compete with others, don't like to be in the limelight, don't like to compete with others, and don't like to express their ideas. But don't think that such a Taurus woman is easy to be offended. Taurus has thorns, like a meek hedgehog,? They will not take the initiative to cause trouble, but if you provoke them, they will definitely retaliate back.

Taurus woman can be a person

In fact, both EQ and IQ of Taurus women are very high. As long as you touch them a little, you will feel this. Under the influence of these two quotients, they often play the role of middlemen who help their friends "set up the stage and sing". They do things through the role of stringing without paying a penny, and may be praised by friends on both sides, Even after the event, it was easy to make money. So the Taurus girl is a powerful character who looks gentle, but is actually a deep hidden character. It is really hard to hide her true self without any real skills.

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