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Hangzhou summer vacation best heat avoidance Tourist Board

DailyBird Culture 2023-02-21 3 0

Hangzhou summer vacation best heat avoidance Tourist Board:

  • 1. Xixi National Wetland Park

  • 2. Chishima National Forest Park

  • 3. Song Cheng

  • 4. Jiuxi 18th Jian

  • 5. Xianghu national tourism vacation area

1. Xixi National Wetland Park

Address correspondence to: 518 Tianmu Shan Road, Xilu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park is located less than 5 km from the West Lake, and the wetland park is rich in ecological resources, claustrophobia in the natural landscape, and profound cultural accumulated, similar to the West Lake, Xiling and known as Hangzhou "" Sanxi "". Is a national wetland park from the first national 5A scale tourist spot in China.

2. Chishima National Forest Park

Address: Chun'an County, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Forest vegetation in Chishima National Forest Park is highly resourced and is dominated by evergreen conifer pure forests and needle broad hybrid forests. 58000-62000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of air within the oxygen bar spot in the Chishima forest. Also national 5A tour spot, national conservation tourism consumer interest demonstration spot, and Zhejiang Youth Civilization number demonstration spot.

3. Song Cheng

Address correspondence to: 148 Zhijiang Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Song Cheng is the first large man-made theme park in Hangzhou city. Taking "" architecture as shape and culture as the ghosts "" as the operation concept, and mimicking the song song style construction, the main architecture was built according to the long volume Qingming shanghetu by a northern songpainter Zhang Choo, and built according to song style making, which restored the song city style and was the first theme Park in Hangzhou reflecting the cultural connotation of two song, receiving over 10 million tourists annually. The big Kabuki song Chigu is the soul of song city, related to the o show at Las Vegas, the Paris red mill and calling "" the three best shows in the world "".

4. Jiuxi 18th Jian

Address correspondence to: end of nanjiuxi XVIII Valley (near Jiuxi Road), Longjing Village, Xilu District, Hangzhou, China

The Jiuxi tobacco tree is one of the new ten Jing in Xi lake, and is commonly known as "" Jiuxi eighteen Jian "". Located under the chicken crown à in the Qunshan to the west of Western Lake. Longjing to the north and chantang Jiang to the south. Under the Yang Meiling, Yuanhui Bay, Hongfa, Tangjia, Kangkang, Foshi, abbot, Yunyu, Qingtou and fangjiajiuxi, they were tortuous and ignored and flowed into Qian Jiang. Eighteen rivers refer to a large number of fine streams, with flowing springs. 9 Xi and 18 Jian come to confluence in front of the brook Chinese brook restaurants under 8qingshan. Along a road with heavy Permian peaks, tea garden dispersions, peak return road transitions, Chun Chun running water, and Guangu San. Clear days elegans with mealtimes and cloudy winds.

5. Xianghu tourist vacation area

Address correspondence to: 132 Xianghu Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Department of tourism vacations the first state-level tourist vacations in Xianghu, Zhejiang, China. Approximately 20 km from the center of Hangzhou, septang Jiang is opposite to the West Lake garden area, and compared with the West Lake, chantang Jiang constitutes the golden triangle of Hangzhou tourist landscapes; Based on historical culture Xianghu, natural ecology Xianghu, leisure vacation Xianghu will be built into a more competitive and dynamic large leisure tourism vacation area in the long triangle based on Hangzhou International Landscape Tourism City.

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