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      In fact, we all know that eating more fruit is good for your health, but how, when, how many portions and what kind of fruit should you eat to make girls' skin tender, white and red? Let's take a look at the "correct" eating method of fruit right away!

      Correct fruit eating method 1. What is the time to eat fruit? Breakfast, or before meals, or between meals is the best! Eat fruit for breakfast, or an hour before lunch or dinner, or the interval between meals. Eating fruit can achieve the greatest benefit. Because most of the nutrients of fruits are water-soluble and easy to be absorbed, the nutrients of fruits eaten will be digested and absorbed quickly in the intestines and stomach. However, if you eat fruit after dinner, because there are other foods waiting for digestion in the stomach, the fruit has to wait behind, which not only can not achieve the effect that nutrients are easy to be absorbed, but also easy to cause confusion of digestive function. Eating fruit before meals has another advantage, because the same amount of fruit has lower calories than other foods, so eating fruit before meals can make the stomach feel full, which will relatively reduce the calorie intake of other foods, which is very helpful to those who want it. It should be noted that some fruits should not be eaten on an empty stomach, such as tomatoes, persimmons, bananas, oranges, sugarcane, litchi, etc. because of some special ingredients, they may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. 2. How much should I eat a day?

       Eat at least 2 servings. I believe everyone has heard of the concept of five fruits and vegetables every day. This is the anti-cancer health concept previously implemented in the United States. You should eat at least three vegetables and two fruits a day. One portion means about 100g, about the size of a fist, almost a diced willow, a small apple, or a kiwi fruit, so eat at least two or more a day. When choosing fruits, try to choose fruits of different colors (different colors represent the difference of nutrients), so that you can absorb different nutrients! Different functions of different fruits, such as blueberries, blackberry, etc., contain anthocyanins and anti-aging. White fruits: such as pears and white peaches, which contain sulfide and reduce bile. Yellow fruits: such as citrus and grapefruit, contain carotene to enhance immunity. Green fruits: such as Kiwi fruit and avocado, contain lutein, strengthen bones and teeth. Red fruits: such as watermelon, tomato, containing lycopene, health care urinary system. [[editor's recommendation: 9-minute fast whitening method]]      [[editor's recommendation: 10 points to pay attention to skin care in summer]]

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