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Daily care of mixed skin

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       Because the biggest characteristic of mixed skin is that it is easy to sweat and oil in the T area. If it is not clean, it will lead to acne and large pores. The cheeks have little oil, not as much as the forehead and nose. It seems that the skin texture is more delicate than the T area. In contrast, the maintenance methods will naturally be more complicated than simple dry or oily skin, but only the right medicine can effectively improve the skin quality and achieve the distinct effect of perfect skin condition.

1 cleaning

choose a cleansing product suitable for mixed skin. The texture of the gel is very refreshing and comfortable to use. Don't wash your face too hard. I think the T-shaped area is very oily. You can wash the oily part more, and use force and gentleness on your cheeks.

cleansing products recommended:


Biotherm cleansing skin cleansing gel: contains mild cleansing factor and salicylic acid ingredients, helps skin restore balance. Suitable for mixed and oily skin. Recommended index of




are very clean and gentle, without the feeling of collapse of many cleansing products. The texture is very refreshing.

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