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Ways to eliminate dark circles

1. Potato chips for eyes

Prepare fresh potatoes. After peeling and cleaning, use a professional knife to cut two thin potatoes out. Then lie down and put the potato chips on your eyes. Wait for about 6 minutes. Then clean them with water. It is suggested that the application is more effective at night. Do not use the sprouted potatoes.

Ways to eliminate dark circles

2. Hot towel eye application + Eye Cream

After washing face, apply hot towel to eyes for about 5 minutes to promote the blood circulation of eyes and pave the way for the absorption of eye cream. Then, use the top-level eye cream to remove dark circles and slowly push it out around the eyes. The extensible eye cream with correct massage technique will be absorbed quickly. After massage for 5-10 minutes, it is obvious that the dark circles are fading down a lot, and the fine lines of the corners of the eyes also disappear.

3. Application of Zantedeschia dregs

Buy fresh calla, peel and mash, add two cups of water to stir, separate water and leave residue, then apply to eyes, clean after 10 minutes. The best effect of eye application before sleep can reduce the formation of dark circles.

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