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In addition to white, what color suits black leather?

DailyBird Common sense 2021-09-28 29 0

Super invincible recommend Klein Blue! ! ! It's really a white ceiling!

Klein Blue has high brightness but low saturation, so it is very white! And it looks refreshing, super eye-catching!

Look at what European and American girls wear, with the same pure white, the overall match is too clean, super suitable for black girls!

Blue and white is really the most comfortable match.

With white bottoms and Klein blue, everyone looks very high-class and clean!

Or match it with black of the same brightness to make Klein Blue's high saturation fully displayed!

White in spring and summer, black in autumn and winter, you can wear it all year round!

Or the same white red collocation, combining these two white kings together, makes the whole person's complexion particularly stunning!

If you want to wear a skirt, you must pay attention to the degree of exposure, otherwise it is easy to wear a sickness, and it will be very dull to look at. After all, his brightness is there!

Don't want to wear blue all over your body, you can also try a small area of blue, which is also super white!

The goose yellow shirt is gentle, and the Klein blue is eye-catching and white. I really like this outfit!

In the next season, buy a blue sweater with a summer white T, and you can go out easily

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