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How long does a person usually die without drinking water

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Generally, if you don't drink water for three days, you will die. It's related to the climate. If you're in the desert for a day or so, you'll die

1. Water is the source of human life.

2. Water can transport nutrients to every cell of the body and export waste to the lungs and kidneys for excretion.

3. The main components of blood, carrying hormones and antibacterial cells.

4. Water is the most important element in the chemical reaction, digestion and metabolism of the body.

5. Water can protect the cells and tissues of the body and the function of lubricating joints like a cushion.

6. Water. It can replenish the body at any time.

7. Water helps to improve constipation and maintain cell metabolism.

Water can regulate body temperature.

9. Please drink more water, at least 2000 cc per day. Water is the mother of the earth and the king of all medicines.

10. If you want water to play its best role, it's better to cooperate with sports.

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